New Subfloor Construction & Under House Excavation

Adept provides a number of building and construction services in Sydney and the Central Coast, two of these services are subfloor construction and under house excavations. With nearly 40 years in the building and construction industry, Adept is the leading company providing remedial building services, such as under house subfloor underpinning and steel and timber beam support.

If you are considering creating additional living space to your property Adept Underpinner can provide cost effective solutions to convert and make the best use in Sub Floor Areas from design through to completion.

Propping and placing new steel or timber beams and removal of existing support for work to begin.

Bulk excavation and underpinning existing perimeter walls as required.

Adept's retaining walls and drainage solutions are an essential and important part of your Sub floor extension.

  • Self Contained Unit for family or rental
  • Additional Bedroom/Ensuite
  • Garage
  • Entertaining Area
  • Kids Play Room
  • Work Shop
  • Wine Cellar

Did you know the above list of renovations maximise the use of your dwelling and increases the property’s value.

With so much experience underpinning properties, it’s no surprise that we also offer subfloor and excavation services. Specifically, subfloor construction and repairs, as well as fixing problems with subfloor drainage and excavating under houses, are all natural extensions of our expertise.

Subfloor construction, subfloor drainage repairs and solutions - to new and existing Sub Floor areas.

Subfloor Area Renovations provide a level surface that not only supports the existing flooring, but also the rest of the building. Any problems with the initial subfloor construction or subfloor drainage can place the integrity of the entire building under threat. Subfloors can be constructed from building materials such as concrete, either level with the ground or suspended, steel or timber beams and timber or steel framing can be also used to provide additional strength.

Subsidence, erosion, shifting ground and flooding can all threaten the integrity of a subfloor, which needs immediate rectification. Problems with subfloor drainage can also result in foundation problems and rising damp, which will need to be resolved quickly.

Adept also provides subfloor extensions and subfloor garage extensions, both of which are particularly useful when renovating or converting a garage - where the initial garage construction is posing a problem.

Under house excavations
Drainage, beam installation and access are three of the more important factors when considering under house excavations. This is where our expertise becomes vital, particularly with Sub Floor constructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chemical injection was never designed for permanent foundation stabilisation, it was designed for temporary slab support only. There is NO substitute for concrete which is the ONLY way to guarantee your issues are resolved permanently the first time. Read Pro's and Con's

Example of failed resin injection procedure - correspondence with a client:  I have subsidence in my foundations around where old clay pipes have been removed. I previously had resin injections completed but it has not addressed the issue and now the roof frame is damaged. I would like to obtain a more permanent solution.

The Adept team services areas between the Central Coast and Sydney, including:

  • Central Coast
  • Upper North Shore
  • The Forest District
  • Northern Beaches
  • Hills District
  • North West Sydney
  • Blacktown
  • Parramatta
  • Lower North Shore
  • Inner West

For more information on subfloor construction, subfloor drainage or under house excavation, call our Expert house underpinning and foundation repair specialist in Sydney and Central Coast on 02 4363 2828 or shoot us an email.



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