Crack Repairs

Repairing Brick Walls, Gyprock walls and Concrete Cracks

Adept provides a number of building and construction services in both Sydney and on the Central Coast. These services include repairing brick walls, gyprock walls and concrete cracks, usually caused by subsidence and problems with the foundations or piers.

As the leading concrete repair company in NSW, we have nearly 40 years’ experience in the building and construction industry. We specialise in repairing foundations and underpinning buildings, as well as the problems that result from these issues.

Cracked walls

Whether you want brickwork repairs or mortar wall repairs, the team at Adept has the experience and the skills to do a quality job. We specialise in brick wall repairs, so if you want us to repair cracked brick walls, just give us a call!

Gyprock or Plaster repairs

Adept can recommend a variety of solutions to repair plaster or Gyprock wall repairs, Adept can arrange these repairs as required.

Rendered wall repairs

Adept can recommend a variety of solutions to repair cement rendered walls and arrange these repairs as required.

The team at Adept are experts at Underpinning, Drainage and fixing concrete cracks in foundations, broken brick piers, and jammed doors, as well as being highly skilled at Gyprock, mortar or brick wall crack repairs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chemical injection was never designed for permanent foundation stabilisation, it was designed for temporary slab support only. There is NO substitute for concrete which is the ONLY way to guarantee your issues are resolved permanently the first time. Read Pro's and Con's

Example of failed resin injection procedure - correspondence with a client:  I have subsidence in my foundations around where old clay pipes have been removed. I previously had resin injections completed but it has not addressed the issue and now the roof frame is damaged. I would like to obtain a more permanent solution.

Adept services a vast area between the Central Coast and Sydney, including:

Brick Repair Before

Brick Repair After

Cracked Brick Repair Before

Cracked Brick Repair After