Drainage Repair and Solutions

Residential Drainage Solutions & Foundation Drainage Solutions - Cracked and Damaged Drain Repair

Adept provides both residential drainage solutions in Sydney and the Central Coast.

  • Drainage is highly recommended and designed to protect foundations from failing
  • Gravity fed drainage system are highly recommended where possible from surface and sub surface drainage across high side of building
  • Dish Paths / Agricultural Line /Pits / Grates
  • Shaping and redirecting water on ground level
  • Secondary drainage in sub floor areas as required
  • Pits and Pumps would only be recommended if gravity fed system cannot be used
  • Back up drainage solutions for extreme problems
  • If stormwater runoff flows towards your building it can cause differential movement in the ground beneath your foundation walls and brick piers
  • Drainage can and will reduce rising damp, mould and musty smells

Poor or non-existent drainage can severely damage the foundations of a building and compromise its structural integrity, so the cause of the inadequate drainage must be identified and repaired immediately. The fix might not only include stormwater drainage or sewer repairs, but also repairs to the foundations or piers.

Impact of poor drainage on foundations

If water isn’t draining correctly from around the buildings, the foundations can be heavily impacted, requiring emergency drain repairs. Clay soil is notorious for having these types of problems where the soil expands and contracts seasonally, expanding in wet weather and contracting in dry weather. This expansion and contraction however, doesn’t act uniformly and it’s this imbalance that can lead to cracking foundations.

Soil can also be eroded by excessive runoff, reducing the stability of the soil and threatening the integrity of the foundations. Even something as simple as blocked guttering can overflow onto the ground and cause the foundations to move, as can blocked grated drains and pits that release waterflow onto the ground instead of into the stormwater drainage system.

Signs that the foundations are affected by poor drainage

Rising damp, crumbling plaster, peeling paint, rotting timber, cracking brickwork, sloping or sagging floors, jammed windows and doors, cracked cornices – these are all indications that there is movement in the foundations. The biggest cause of foundation problems is poor drainage, so it’s vital that drainage repairs and solutions are initiated immediately, before the situation worsens.

Rising Damp

Excessive water flow under foundations result in brickwork drawing water up into the walls that result in cracking or peeling paint, musty smells and mould which can lead to health problems. Adept can provide a variety of solutions to rectify rising damp.


Cross flow ventilation is a important part of rectifying musty damp smells, mould and assisting in drying out subfloor areas in conjunction with Adept's successful drainage solutions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chemical injection was never designed for permanent foundation stabilisation, it was designed for temporary slab support only. There is NO substitute for concrete which is the ONLY way to guarantee your issues are resolved permanently the first time. Read Pro's and Con's

Example of failed resin injection procedure - correspondence with a client:  I have subsidence in my foundations around where old clay pipes have been removed. I previously had resin injections completed but it has not addressed the issue and now the roof frame is damaged. I would like to obtain a more permanent solution.

The Adept team services numerous areas between the Central Coast and Sydney, including: