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Thanks for the good work. We appreciate the time you took to explain
the details to us and the fact the place has been left in a tidy state. Also the windows...Thanks for getting the job done as quoted. It looks good. Your clean-up was incredible too.
That's rare! I think your 'point-of-difference' between you and others...

Thanks for getting the job done as quoted. It looks good. Your clean-up was incredible too.
That's rare! I think your 'point-of-difference' between you and others...Thanks for getting the job done as quoted. It looks good. Your clean-up was incredible too.
That's rare! I think your 'point-of-difference' between you and others...

Thank you Les & Team for a job well done! Our project was large and complicated,
but everything went smoothly and efficiently. Your recommendations to fix our stormwater .

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Les McDougall Longest Serving Underpinner in Sydney- Residential foundation expert


Adept the longest standing Underpinning business in NSW

40 years’ experience with Subfloor extensions, comprehensive Draining Systems, Underpinning, Foundation Repairs, Retaining walls, Carpentry

We have it all covered we don’t compromise on our client’s peace of mind.



Remedial Construction Services & Foundation Repairs


  • Foundation Movement
  • Cracks in Internal/External brick or plastered walls
  • Doors and Windows Jamming
  • Bouncing and Unlevel/Sloping Floors
  • Gaps between Timber floors and Skirting boards
  • Gaps between Windows/Doors and existing walls
  • Gaps between Gyprock, Cornice and walls
  • Gaps and cracks between Concrete Slabs/Paths and existing walls
  • Collapsing earth beneath or near buildings
  • Insufficient Drainage - Surface and Sub-Surface
  • Storm Water flowing onto and under Dwelling
  • Wet/Damp Sub floor areas including Rooms/Garages/Etc
  • Over flowing Gutters and Storm Water Pipes
  • Bricks and Mortar crumbling
  • Salt forming on Bricks or Ground in Subfloor area
  • Mould and Rotting Timbers
  • Leaking Water and Sewer Pipes
  • Damp and Musty Odours
  • Retaining Walls - Leaning/Cracking/Collapsing

Residential repairs & construction services

As foundation repair specialists, Adept provides remedial Residential Services from the Central Coast and the suburbs of Sydney.

Adept’s services include residential foundation repairs, specialising in home underpinning – repairs that are often needed, due to a variety of reasons.

•    Residential building construction
•    Residential extensions

The need for foundation repairs following residential construction, generally occurs because of subsidence that can happen for a multitude of reasons: inadequate drainage, no drainage, leaking pipes, torrential rain, adjacent developments, tree roots and simply because it’s an older construction. These problems can also occur following foundation excavations or foundation extensions.

To solve these problems occurring, new homes constructions in Australia only use solid concrete for laying foundations and piers. So unlike other contractors, we only use SOLID CONCRETE UNDERPINNING PIERS to support your existing building; we do not use chemical gimmicks. Adept has extensive expertise in rectifying unsuccessful chemical injection methods. Read Pro's and Con's

A Complete Range of Underpinning, Repair and Construction Services Sydney and Central Coast

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House Underpinning and Foundation Repair Solutions

It’s important to note that when laying foundations, chemicals are never used as a support for new homes properties and when they are used for house underpinning, they are not successful. Importantly - imagine the effect these chemicals can have on our environment!

Fixing these foundation problems however, whilst vital to the structural integrity of the building, is only half of the battle – it’s just as important to rectify the cause. Adept’s wide range of services and expertise enables us to assess the issue, rectify the damage, and also offer solutions to prevent further damage to the building.

If you require further advice on using concrete or chemical underpinning for the remediation of residential foundations, we suggest that you ring an independent engineer for their advice. However, there will only be one answer - concrete underpinning for a lifetime of support!
As a leading residential construction company -  the licensed owner supervises for the duration of the project.

To discuss problems resulting from either residential excavations, as well as residential extensions, or to find construction solutions for your foundation problems, call our Expert house underpinning and foundation repair specialist in Sydney and Central Coast on 02 4363 2828 or shoot us an email.