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Adept are house underpinning and foundation repair specialists operating in Sydney and the Central Coast. As foundation repair contractors, we are experts in underpinning foundations that have caused severe structural damage to buildings.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in the building and construction industry, performing both structural foundation repairs, we have built a solid reputation for our hard work and dedication to our customers.

What are the causes of subsidence?

One of the main reasons for underpinning foundations is subsidence, which can be caused by a number of different factors: damaged and leaking drains, poor drainage or even no drainage, traffic vibrations, ineffective ground preparation prior to laying the foundations, nearby groundwork or constructions, inadequate foundations, natural compaction of the soil, sinkholes and underground mining.

Why do you need foundation repairs?

Investing in a professional foundation repair is a commitment, but it’s essential to the integrity of the building. External indications that subsidence is becoming a problem include cracked brickwork, gaps between the brickwork and the window edges, cracked brick piers, gaps in the joins or mitre joints of structural arches, as well as balconies. Internally, you might see cracks in the Gyprock, sloping floors, cracked cornices, jammed doors and windows, cracked floor and walls tiles, and even cracked slabs.

Why do we focus on concrete underpinning?

Over the past 30 or so years, we have found that using concrete gives the best foundation repairs for our customers. This is a time proven method that has been around for more than 100 years -  the old methods are still the best methods!

Chemical Gimmicks were never designed for underpinning, they were designed for temporary slab support only.

Concrete underpinning involves increasing the depth of your foundations down to the point where the soil is structurally sound, helping to improve the integrity of your foundations. Essentially, we create new foundations for your building. It’s the safest and most dependable method for foundation repairs and is the strategy we use for all our foundation repairs.

We service a vast area between the Central Coast and Sydney, including:
•    Kellyville
•    Blacktown
•    Hornsby
•    Parramatta
•    Bella vista
•    Castle Hill
•    Norwest
•    Ryde
•    Chatswood
•    Carlingford
•    Lidcombe
•    Greystanes
•    Merrylands
•    Ashfield
•    Strathfield
•    Homebush
For more information on our commercial and house underpinning & foundation repairs, call our Expert house underpinning and foundation repair specialist in Sydney on 02 4363 2828 or shoot us an email.

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