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Retaining Wall Construction & Retaining Wall Solutions

With nearly 40 years’ in the building and construction industry, Adept provides a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties. One of these services is retaining wall construction and we offer a number of retaining wall solutions to our clients.

In Sydney, retaining walls are often built to prevent slippage or erosion of soil, even to provide a level surface for construction. At Adept, we build four different types of retaining walls:

•    Besser block walls
•    Concrete retaining walls
•    Shotcrete retaining walls
•    Timber retaining walls

Besser block walls
A Besser block retaining wall is a very popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. The retaining walls are built from large concrete blocks that contain hollow tubes to reduce their weight. A Besser block wall construction is structurally strong and long lasting, and the light weight of the blocks leads to faster construction.

Concrete retaining walls
Concrete retaining walls can be constructed from Dry wall blocks, Besser blocks, Crib walls,  concrete sleepers or poured concrete with rebar. The advantage of concrete retaining walls is in their strength, durability, resistance to fire and rot, flexibility in design, low maintenance and ease of installation. Backfill and suitable drainage are important components of building concrete retaining walls.

Shotcrete retaining walls
Shotcrete retaining walls are often seen in large construction sites or along highways. These retaining walls are created by spraying a special mix of high strength concrete onto a hillside or slope. The benefits of Shotcrete retaining walls are that the soil is stabilised, minimising both erosion and runoff. Shotcrete offers huge structural advantages to developers and councils, as well as significant cost savings.

Timber retaining walls
Timber retaining walls are another very popular option for residential and commercial properties. The main benefits of using timber for a retaining wall is that the treated timber blends in well with the natural environment and is very cost-effective.

Adept services areas between the Central Coast and Sydney, including:
•    Kellyville
•    Blacktown
•    Hornsby
•    Parramatta
•    Bella vista
•    Castle Hill
•    Norwest
•    Ryde
•    Chatswood
•    Carlingford
•    Lidcombe
•    Greystanes
•    Merrylands
•    Ashfield
•    Strathfield
•    Homebush
For more information on retaining wall construction and retaining wall solutions, call our Expert house underpinning and foundation repair specialist in Sydney on 02 4363 2828 or shoot us an email.


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