Our Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I have to move out of my home whilst the works are carried out?

A. NO - Adept always endeavours to ensure minimal disruption to your routine.

Q.Is my job covered by Insurance?

A. YES - Adept abides by all building regulations in regards to Home Warranty.

All works are covered for 6 years under the Building Regulations Act.

Adept is Fully Insured.

Q.Should I renovate or re decorate prior to work?

A. Adept does not recommend this.

Q.Can foundation damage affect the re sale of my home?

A. YES - A buyer will ask for a substantial reduction of your sale price and you will often experience a prolonged sale period due to potential buyers moving on.

Helpful Advice

It's important for the companies that you deal with to have Worker's Compensation and Public Property Liability Insurance, otherwise you may be liable should there be an incident onsite involving the contractor or any of their employees so ensure policies are sited and ensure they are current.

You can do a licence check through 'The Department of Fair Trading'

Once you access the following link click 'Online Services'

  • Check a Building Licence
  • Start licence check
  • Select Home Building
  • Enter Licensee details
  • Important click on the Contractors name for all relevant information

Follow the link: www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

You will find Adept's License details under 'Contact Us' 

Adept has been a member of 'The Housing Industry Association' since 1993

All employees of Adept are covered by Worker's Compensation and have obtained Occupation Health and Safety Certificates.

Adept is fully insured with the companies as listed below: Copies of all current polices can be provided on request.

Worker's Compensation   

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Public and Property Liability Insurance

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Home Warranty Insurance

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Customer Feedback

  • "Thanks for the good work. We appreciate the time you took to explain
    the details to us and the fact the place has been left in a tidy state. Also the windows..."

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  • "Thanks for getting the job done as quoted. It looks good. Your clean-up was incredible too.
    That's rare! I think your 'point-of-difference' between you and others..."

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  • "Thank you Les & Team for a job well done! Our project was large and complicated,
    but everything went smoothly and efficiently. Your recommendations to fix our stormwater ...

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