Steel Posts and Brick Piers

Adept specialises in both steel posts and brick piers foundation repairs for residential buildings in Sydney and the Central Coast. A lot of buildings are built on brick piers with shallow brick foundations that support the structure, load bearing walls and roofs, but over time these brick piers can degrade, shift, sink or crack, resulting in severe structural problems normally caused by stormwater runoff penetrating your subfloor area - see ADEPT'S DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS

The first signs that you need steel posts or brick piers repaired is when you see cracks in the walls and cornices, unlevel or sinking floors, gaps under skirting boards and around window and door frames, or doors jamming; all of these signs can be due to problems with movement in the foundations.

  • Steel posts and brick piers on concrete pads do not support brick walls they support timber walls and floors only
  • Brick pier replacement on new concrete pads are recommended up to a height of approximately 1.5 metres high
  • Steel posts on new concrete pads are recommended for support from .4 metres high to whatever height is required - this would reduce labour and material costs
  • However steel posts can be used in all situations if required
  • Packing between existing brick piers and bearers can also be an option to level existing timber floors, walls and realign doors if and as required, in certain circumstances this can be deemed as a temporary solution
  • Replacing rusted or damaged steel posts or brick piers if and as required
  • Relocation and placing extra posts or piers to give additional support to existing supporting posts and piers

At this point, it’s clear that you need the expertise of post/pier repair specialists to assess your foundations and decide on the best course of action. Whether this involves replacing the necessary steel posts or brick piers on concrete pads in key areas or a more extensive post or pier replacement, it’s essential that this remedial work is performed as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration.

Steel Posts or Brick Piers?

Options: Steel posts and brick pier replacement set on concrete footings

Steel posts placement will reduce labour costs

Ant Capping

If your ant caps are rusted or are none existent Adept can place new ant caps as required

Jamming doors

Jamming doors are not only frustrating and can be dangerous in an emergency situation, but can also be the first sign that something is wrong with the building’s foundations or piers. It is probably due to the expansion and contraction in the ground supporting foundations which occurs in wet or dry conditions, or maybe because the hinges are out of alignment. However, the most common causes of jamming doors are sinking foundations, posts/piers moving or drainage issues - see Adept's Drainage.

Fixing cracks in walls can only be done when you have repaired the piers and any underlying issues caused by surface or sub surface drainage problems that led to the foundation problems in the first place. There’s no point in paying for a wall crack repair when it’s only going to happen again, if rectification works have not been completed.

Once rectification works have been completed we can then advise and recommend numerous rectification methods in relation to cracked plaster.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chemical injection was never designed for permanent foundation stabilisation, it was designed for temporary slab support only. There is NO substitute for concrete which is the ONLY way to guarantee your issues are resolved permanently the first time. Read Pro's and Con's

Example of failed resin injection procedure - correspondence with a client:  I have subsidence in my foundations around where old clay pipes have been removed. I previously had resin injections completed but it has not addressed the issue and now the roof frame is damaged. I would like to obtain a more permanent solution.

The Adept team services a vast area between the Central Coast and Sydney, including:

Brick Piers

Brick Piers

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